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Cotton-Ink as My First Krey Shawl Story

It was many years ago, I hunted a shawl for some occasion and i told Vina that i search so many brand to find the shawl. Until one day, my friends Vina told me there is a unique online store called cottonink.blogspot.com.

old cotton ink domain

It has been selling a shawl, only the shawl, then I searched in Internet and I was interested with the shawl. I thought the shawl is just like another ordinary shawl, but It is a unique shawl. Then I bought the krey shawl from cotton ink and there has been so many color from their color chart, so i picked the green one (my shawl is not available anymore now).

Then my first krey shawl was arrived to my home. My mom told me that is a quirky fashion item i had, but i ignored my mom. So i wear it to any occasion, until 1 months ago my friends Yeye asked me where i was bought the shawl. She said it was unique shawl, and she really like it.

Nowadays, cottonink expansion their clothing line, they not only sell shawl but also dress, bag, tops, bottom,etc. Cotton ink also attending some events like Brightspot Market. The consumer is also wider and larger amount of fashion. And it is become one of my favorite online shopping ever and ever. Cotton ink changes their domain website become www.cottonink-shop.com

newer cotton ink domain




I am suprissed that makingjewelrysupplies.com email me, that i am featured at their website. I am so happy I am featured there. Even not a big or famous website but I'm proud being featured :)


Count Down Christmas

Hey up, so sorry for not update. I am sick and I was through a lot off things had to tidy up, so I don't have any time for update my blog.
By the way, November is 2 months before Christmas. I am so exciting with Christmas, which is always full of joy and happiness. So Count down from now. Be ready for Christmas!
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