I wanna travel around


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Nadia Kamballa mengatakan...

Great pics! Where is it btw? I'd love to go there, too :)

The November Girl

Cindy, fashionsbeauty mengatakan...

Looks like my dream destination!! Maldives, I'm guessing? Where ever it is, I'll go there one day too! xoxo


Rchliey mengatakan...

@nadia: ini kepulauan raja ampat. keren buanget yah! cuman jauhh buangett dri jakarta
@cindy: hahah yeahh me too. there is in kepulauan raja ampat, in papua. so greatgreat ever :)

Dorothy Souhuwat mengatakan...

beautifull scenery,,,wanna exchange link and follow m???

martha puri mengatakan...

yeah, that's our wish :(
someday, we should be there!

Tanya mengatakan...

I really want to go there!


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