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Today, me, Gen and Yeye went to Kemang for print some photo from yeye's diana at Emerlad Kemang. We are so sadly the photo result not good as we thought. We thought all the photo is so damnly good. There is only 2 photo have a good result for printed. We are so dissapointed with that.

Then, we went to Sinou Koffee for trying the warehouse atmosphere. Sinou koffee not too got as i thought. I thought the place is big enough, but it is a small place. Even though the place not so good, i like the food.

Banana Caramel Pancake

Coin Pancake





I wanna travel around



Cooking Day

Yesterday after through out the double jackpot test in the middle test. Today i am enjoying my cooking day. For brunch I ate the spaghetti prawn. I have all this idea because of yesterday i watched the eat, pray, and love movie which is show me a delisioso pasta in Italy and it makes me soooo hungry and adore so much with pasta.

The Spaghetti Prawn Recipes:
1 hand of spaghetti, boiled and set a side
1/2 package of Mc cornick spaghetti
1/2 piece tomato
100 gram of prawn (little prawn recommended)
1 bowl of chicken stock
1 clove of garlic
1/2 piece onion
4 strand of lettuce
vegetable oil,salt, sugar, pepper, black pepper, cheese

How to make:
1. Heat the frying pan with a little bit of vegetable oil, then wait until withered then put the chicken stock and wait until boiling
2. Put the mc cornick wait until boiling then put the prawn and put all the spices (salt, pepper, black pepper). Stir until spices evenly
3. Put the lettuce at the plate and put the spaghetti on it. And don't forgetgrated the cheese on the top

Here they are:




Sorry ladies and gentleman for super late update. I am so busy with all mid test. It was killing my time, my social time, my hangout time, also my time for sleep. i just sleep arround 3-5 hours a day.

But, I just searching for the cuttie toy camera which is really makes me excited again and again.

Here it is

Nico Digi

Jelly Squeezable


Holga K200N

Biscuit Camera


Octopus with Blitz

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