Welcome to The Middle East

I always looking for a fine dinning and a got atmosphere for eat and hang out, and me and Vina also Agustina and Sasha went to Samarra. The best ever Middle East resto, with good ambience, unique food also a great place for photo.

Samarra is one of Tugu Hotel group which is always serve a good service, good food, good ambiance, etc. I always love the food there and the ambiance, I wanna get it back and back always, here there are:

top-unbranded lace/tanktop-mom's/skirt-DIY maxi dress/sandals-VNC/bangels-yogya/watch rado



The Day Before Holiday

Yesterday, me and 7 my friends have a late luncho at Nannys pavillion Bathroom, i really impressed with Nannys pavillion which is always has a great idea for a new concept for restaurant, so there is nothing same with one resto with the others. We are so impress with closet which has a changing function become a chair for you seat. It is so cute and my friends, frame it into an ugly face for BAB. and here it is.

Btw yeye brings her new lomo-> diana, so i have many photo with her newbie.

For outfit, we look formal because, we had been inaugurate with all HiMEM 2020-2011 crew :)



PMB 2010

We have been together in several months, we had through meeting, brain stromning, and briefing also rehearseal together. Get warning, laughing, playing, had fun. And now, the last moment we can meet with that things PMB 2010. I miss you, the moment, the friends also the family.


the power of tongue

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