The Temper Trap

Who does not like the temper trap? I like them so much. The first song I was listened is sweet disposition which is a sound track at 500 days of summer. I like it this band and I catogorized with easy pop listening. AND they will concert in Bali, Jakarta and Singapore. In Jakarta, they will concert at 12 November. And I wish I can come there, if I am free schedulle


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Theonlyfashionprincess mengatakan...

Thank you for your lovely comment! It's a harem pants. :)


jamie-lee mengatakan...

I LOVE that song by temper trap. They're such a great band x


Daiane mengatakan...

i love that song! they're good, hope you can go to see them live!

oxox from http://www.sweetfancytreat.com/

Cindy, fashionsbeauty mengatakan...

No problem, following u back now! Thanks for visiting, cute blog xoxo

Rchliey mengatakan...

@theonlyfashionprincess: oh my good, i am obsessed with harem pants

@jamie: iya mee too. i like the temper trap

@Daine: soo thank you, i wish i can see them live

@cindy: thank you so much

Stella Marsella N mengatakan...




Silkybow mengatakan...

oooh nice song :)

Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

i've never actually heard of their singles, oh I'm such a cave man.

Rchliey mengatakan...

@silky: you have to listen love lost and rest
@wyne: wyne you have to listen the song, it is so damn nice song and the vokalist is from indonesia

closet connection mengatakan...

i really like them too!!!

Rchliey mengatakan...

@close connection: me too

joninel mengatakan...

love them too :) thx for your comment

michelle_ mengatakan...

im excited for temper trap too !
u can always google map to find directions.. i dont even know where d location is located.. haha.. i rarely go to gandaria :/

Rchliey mengatakan...

@mich: seriously the place isnt detect with google map. i rarely go to south Jakarta, so i don't have any idea how to go there hehehe
@joninel: ur welcome

ching mengatakan...

woooow. i listen to them too ever since 500 days of summer. that album is oozing of awesomeness.


Rchliey mengatakan...

@ching: temper trap is the best ever band. i love them!!

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