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Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

i listened to this on the radio when I was stuck in traffic and it totally gave me a boost :) love this song too!

Rchliey mengatakan...

@wyne: iya it is really mood booster isn't it? hehehhe

michelle_ mengatakan...

this is a great song !!
i love it when its playing on the radio too :)

thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

--Sanam-- mengatakan...

I know right,i love this song :D

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agatheloff mengatakan...

I love this song

Rchliey mengatakan...

@michelle: iya. i love too when they are singing live.

@Sanam: this is like a medicine which is make everybody love this song

@agathaloff: me too, keep listening

Cristiana.C mengatakan...

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