Eiffel I'm In Love

I am really like Paris also the Eiffel tower, i like it very much. And, this night, I have been found the Eiffel necklace which is very adorable, and it is a giveaway from

I wish i win this giveaway, and i need ur support fashionista, thank you


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Jen mengatakan...

What a great piece! So fun to wear!!

augustalolita mengatakan...

i am in love as well!! its a very pretty necklace <3

Blowraspberry mengatakan...

Congratulation for win the giveaway and its lovely necklace..


ching mengatakan...

good luck with that. awesome give away.


Lia Waroka Putri mengatakan...

congrats for your winning! this looks so gorgeus!xx,barbiejunk

Gabriella Audrey mengatakan...

Aww the necklace is so lovely! We all love Paris! :)


Phuong mengatakan...

the necklace is so gorgeous

Miranda mengatakan...

cute necklace!

thanks for the comment, by the way! please follow met at www.livelongfashion.blogspot.com

Rchliey mengatakan...

@all: thank you for ur support

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