Dinner at Holy Month

Today, me and yy went to Pasar Benhil to have dinner. In Holy month, like this August, pasar Benhil always make a small padangnese food expo in front of the traditional market. At small padangnese food expo so many padang food (of course), palembang food like empek-empek, and so many kolak, bubur sum-sum, fruit splash and many more. Here it is the food

The crowed at Pasar Benhil

Kolak and etc

My dinner, fried kwetiau


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Daiane mengatakan...

oh, i bet that is very tasty! i have never eaten something like that, but it looks yum! xxo

Rchliey mengatakan...

@daine: everything is yummy and i cannot pick the best one, because everything is the best

Under the Fluorescents mengatakan...

i found this very interesting
thanks for the comment!


ching mengatakan...

wow that's some interesting food you got there. i bet it's tasty!


Michelle mengatakan...

seems u had a very nice dinner :]
i looovee padangnese food :D

Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

thank you! :D I've never been to Pasar Benhil, what's there?

Rchliey mengatakan...

@underthefluorentscents: yes it is
@ching: ya of course is tasty
@michelle: i don't like padangnese too much, but i love satay padang
@wyne: so many padangnese food and also in Benhil there is the best ever teh tarik ever and it is in Meutia

Dorothy Souhuwat mengatakan...

nice banner...

wanna exchange link and follow me??

Carissa mengatakan...

yummy :D I love kweatiaw

Jehh mengatakan...

omg! asian food! I love that I never eat this despite being asian :( Just rice + basic food groups...none of this delicious bad for you a bit food


Rchliey mengatakan...

@dorothy: ya passably
@carissa: me too, i love kwetiauw siram
@jehh: ya, you have to try another asian food, asian have a lot of deliciouso food

devilishlypleasurable mengatakan...

amazing stuff. .i am missing asian food SO much!

thank you for stopping by devilishly pleasurable. do drop by again. .and am adding you to the blogroll & following you :)

Rchliey mengatakan...

thank you for following me :)

agustinaselviana mengatakan...

where is Pasar Benhil? btw i do love empek-empek :D
thanks for your comment. feel free to follow/link me!

Gogo Caroselle mengatakan...

oh wow the food looks gooood!

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