HOLIDAY oh holiday,in the end it comes. I through 8 days of my holiday and it will end in early August, so sadly this holiday I don't play hard enough to joyful my holiday. But at all i am happy with my holiday.

Tomorrow, i went to the skin health center at RS Pelni Petamburan for facial and peeling, so I cannot go out for many days and let my face sunburn, so badly I wanna go out, so badly I want to jogging.

And in this holiday I have an routine schedule, which is I am going to boring to, here it is:
06.00 : Wake up and jogging
06.30 : Relaxing awhile
07.30 : Take a bath
I am doing nothing or something
21.30 : Read alchemist then going to sleep

I do that schedule again and again, so boring

I going to lighten my schedule after all


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