Explorer the summer

Yesterday, Me and 8 friends went to Kota Tua (Museum Fatahilah) for photoshot. Our concept is explorer with summer so it calls explorer. Here the photo

Here the girls

And here there are the CREW. BIG THANK TO Vina who is being my model partner, Vani, Manda, Octa, Lucky, Nicop, Dodo who are the photografer. I am so excited for another photoshoot


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michelle_ mengatakan...

having a photo session is always fun :)
so nice seeing you take photos in kota tua :) the scene is amazing there !

fhen mengatakan...

those are lovely photos dear
a photo session is always worth waiting for :)


Eleh mengatakan...

i love the feel of the pictures :)
and oh, museum! im a big museum junkie :D

michelle_ mengatakan...

thx for your comment at my blog !
what camera do you use ??

have an awesome TGIF !

Gogo Caroselle mengatakan...

how charming...! :)
nanti klo aku ada plan ke jkt, please recommend me this place yah rach :)

Rchliey mengatakan...

@michelle: iyaa, nest time lets we hunting heheh and for camera so sorry i am just model so i don't even know about camera type
@eleh: yaa museum is so awesome
@gogo: ayoo go ke jakarta, kalo ke jakarta kontek ya!!

Tatha Westmoreland mengatakan...

ini ada yang anak UMN ga c nez? kok kayaknya ada yg mukanya familiar. hehe

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