I AM kind of CRAZY!!

I really want to eat at nanny's pavilion but i don't have time to go to Bandung and spend time to it there, but luckily. Nanny's pavilion is in JAKARTA, yeiiii

I've got an info from lydia
then here it is her blog about Nanny's Pavillion


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Vina mengatakan...

kayaknya asik tuh nez. ksono yuk! tp gw ga tau jalan. :p

aphrodita wibowo mengatakan...

di jkartanya mana tuh... tempatnya asik kayaknya...


babalisme mengatakan...

They got better place there! the Bandung one is too crowded! >.<

hereisprincess mengatakan...

cute place..
i wish i be there..=)

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