Sweet SweetER SweetEST

Today is 15Th march, one day after white day. Oh poor me, i don't get any chocolate from anyone. But luckily today, I've got too much happiness

1. I bought a smaller hand-pack from Baskin Robbin. Today is middle month so I've got 50% discount luckily me

2. My mommy bought me a chocolate from harvest

3. The sunkist really sweet, seldom the sunkist is sweet

4. I've got letter from Nda in Taiwan. Oh baby i really miss you



Oh God Thank You

i just little bit amazing with my effort for my short semester, i've got straight A oh baby oh Jesus thank you. Thank you SO MUCHH

Here my credit,




Oh baby, i really interest with brightspot market. Really i want to go there,

It is the one i am waiting for.



The Tallest with High Heels

I never wear high heels, because i am tall enough and my mom never forbid me to wear it. Poor me, but truly i love the high heels, and i have a pair. Oh my baby, so sorry i am just wore it once even i bought soo long time ago. I wear when i am not have to much walk and have a spare gesture to sit much enough.

I wear when i went to the mall, just for eat and watch movie. I thought it won't be painful. BUT it is wrong, wear high heel made my foot so tired and blister. CRAPP! So i really needs a chair every 5 meters. But i am not find a empty chair, every chair is full.

Even high heels blister my foot and painful, but the high heels so cool enough. High heels makes my foot really good. Even painful, but i am not curred to wear it again.

HERE the photo, when i was wore the high heels


Birthday Present

Today, i get some gift from titik and desca, my BESTIEST ever from senior high school. And a really surprise for it. Thank you dear, mumuuuu


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