I rely my life with YOU

Tomorrow is my KRS time. i am so crazy to scheduling my schedule for 6 months (i mean 1 semester)
I don't want get decrease IPK and IPS anymore, but i want INCREASE it
I want my mama papa proud of me
I want to have my holiday in the middle of week
And God, i hope all the lecture is good for my score this short semester and for my next semester

I am going to have marketing for my management major
And i rely it with my academic consultan
I wish she is a kind person
I wish i can get my all subject is right for this semester
And i have to have a right time to study, to organization, and to take a rest

This is really important for my future, my day and also my body

I just sick of back bone so i cannot bring heavy things in my shoulder
Sooo, i won't bring a heavy book or binder

Just all i wish
For tomorrow and 6 months later

I would fighting for KRS and fighting with my friend to get the best subject and lecture that i want


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Bandit Pangaratto™ mengatakan...

semoga tulang punggungnya cepet baikan..!


Rchliey mengatakan...

terima kasihhh :))

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