I had a lot of things happen in February, My birthday, Valentine's day, my nephew birthday, my auntie,and also my friends birthday.

AT 13.02.10
I thought it was a clueless day. My bb just error and going to change whole body even i just got the bb in a week, then i lost from the earth, i am not have a hand phone and just on with my esia number. Everyone give me a greetings some of them use facebook, and little of them send me a text messages. It is really clueless day. It was my first time doesn't care with my birth day. Really it was like a day with nothing to do or something just more important. No happiness no cheerful. I just don't care with my old age.

In the morning, there was no birthday kiss from my mom and my sister just forgot my birthday (poor me) then I went to Puri Mall have a lunch at Samudra Suki and find lapis legit for tommorow. At dinner, i ate in Chinese restaurant for celebrate the night before Chinese new year. We are gathering for eating for luck and prosperity in tiger year.

AT 14.02.10
It is valentine's day. But i fulfil my day with gathering with my family celebrate the Chinese new year. I ate to much food and really want some food which is not make queasy. So for dinner i ate sushi tei AGAIN with my family , my grandma and my auntie. I love ate in Sushi Tei because i have a little surprise there. I had a small birthday cake from rice mix tobiko then they put mango above the rice and for the top, they made a flower from sashimi. It is really delicious.

This is my first valentine without my friends and my boy friend either, but i have a unforgettable greetings from someone. Just make me flow a while, and i miss him little. So happy that he is still remember me and memorize my birthday. LOVE IT


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