Birthday Bash!

Yeah yeahh sorry for super late update. My birthday was passed at February, 13th. But the euphoria about birthday isn't go yet in me and my friends heart. Here it is, we celebrate January-February Born Day Person who is Me, Yeye, Prisil, Daniel, and Brata. We celebrate the bday at Bamboo Dim Sum Kelapa Gading last Saturday. Complete with all weather, isn't friendly yet but it comes hello mellow feel. Feel so peaceful.

We start our celebrate with meeting in someplace and some of them meet at Semangi, then we go to the birthday party place. We eat all you can eat dim sum. The tea is superrr hot, so you have to wait until little bit warm or you will burn your tongue. We eat from starving til dead for full. Here the art of all you can eat dim sum.

We asked the waiter and waitress to order more and more dim sum and friend dim sum. We build to one stack until high and more than my head. That is cute, like we are in the eat competition.

A little suprise for Yeye, because at February 20Th, 2010 is her born day. yeihh best wishes for her. We had a little cake and big cake for us.

Love the birthday celebration and all people make the party so gorgeous

Thank you for coming friends


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selamat ultah buat semuanya ya...

Rchliey mengatakan...

thank youuuu

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