Sam Pek Eng Tai

Yeiii, i can wait for tomorrow. I would be crew of Sam Pek Eng Tai drama at Taman Ismail Marjuki. It will go on 2 days from 5 January-6 January 2010. The Drama is an classic literature which is full of moral. This drama is cooperation Economic Faculty Atma Jaya University with Teater Koma. The artist from our university student who is my friends. It start from 7 pm till` 10pm.

I really excited with this drama and i would be meet a new friends. Also i will get a new experience.

I am not alone become a crew at Sam Pek Eng Tai drama, but i am with Yulia, Ingrid, Bimo and Andri, and with all economic student which is selected.

By the way, anyone interest to with this drama? It is our first time as economic student held this event, so don't miss it :)

Picture will coming soon. See you


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