January not anymore show the smile :(

Yesterday, my friend Pisel celebrate his bday at Nana ban tei suki restaurant
We are so glad spent our last day in January together
We had refreshing
After did the mid test the day and the day before
We are so starving
It made us ate alotttttt.

In Nana ba tei, we eat all we can eat
So we added more and more meet
Then grill it, some off them are burnt
And we trash it
Sound good
From 4 stove the situation so far so good
Until we full and we cannot eat anymore

But, Fiona and Gen coming
It made us wanna eat anyomore
Even just a shell
We ate for the uncountable plate

We ended with 1 bottle of beer
Just for boys, not a girl
But we tried a bit


Lovely saturday, with you

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fhen mengatakan...

nana ban tei looks great
i should try next time!
by the way in which uni are you in?

Rchliey mengatakan...

i am going to Atma Jaya university :)
how about you?

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