January not anymore show the smile :(

Yesterday, my friend Pisel celebrate his bday at Nana ban tei suki restaurant
We are so glad spent our last day in January together
We had refreshing
After did the mid test the day and the day before
We are so starving
It made us ate alotttttt.

In Nana ba tei, we eat all we can eat
So we added more and more meet
Then grill it, some off them are burnt
And we trash it
Sound good
From 4 stove the situation so far so good
Until we full and we cannot eat anymore

But, Fiona and Gen coming
It made us wanna eat anyomore
Even just a shell
We ate for the uncountable plate

We ended with 1 bottle of beer
Just for boys, not a girl
But we tried a bit


Lovely saturday, with you



Start from tomorrow,
my university will establish the mid test in short semester.
I am took 3 major for this short semester, and 1 of the major is accounting.
Oh my goodness
I don't believe that is mid test,
and i am ever studied yet,
how it come i will do my test best.

I have to study hard,
so going back after mid test
and some event
will held from my faculty and organisation.

I am really excited to made that event.
You have to attend, please coming. I like to give the best ever event.
Pray for me guys.



Made a New Babies

I am do nothing today, so i do some handicraft made from hama beads. Hama beads is a little plastic particle which is you can combine to be one character and you can make it to be ring or necklace.

And here it is my handmade handicraft



In Love or In Broke or Buzz up

Love for IN LOVE
Phoenix-Everything is everything
S club 7-Never had a dream come true
Michael Bolton-When a man love a woman
Eric Benet-You're the only one
Diana Krall-P.S I love you
Robin S-Show me love
Aerosmith-I don't wanna miss a thing
Lisa Ekdahl-Crazeology
Nouvelle Vague- I Melt With You
Tompi-When you love someone
Il divo-I believe with you
Michael Franks-Love has no end
Teuku Adi Fitrian-Are you here with me forever
Jamie Cullum-I'm all over it

The script-The man who can't be move
MYMP-Tell me where is hurt
Barry Likumahuwa-Mati saja
Imogen heap-Not now but soon
The bird and the bee-I'm the broken heart
Shanty-Selamat tinggal selamanya

Beat up your mood
Tortured Soul-Don't hold me down
Sandhy Sandoro-Malam biru
Feist-Inside and Out
Bali Lounge-Get Happy
Peppi Kadmandhu-That's what friends are for
Katchafire-Done did it

Way to sleep
Bloc party-Blue Light
Kings of convinience-Mr Cold



I gonna shoot you



Sam Pek Eng Tai (ON SHOW)

Here it is the photo that i promise to you :) sorry for lately photo update. I really like this photo, not just the photo but the moment at Sam Pek Eng Tai so deeply touch me



Gift from BESTEST at Taiwan

Yesterday and today, I've got a surprise. I really surprise that my friend Manda (we call her Nda), sent me a gift from Taiwan. She studied at Taiwan than don't come to Indonesia this end year or Chinese new year. So for make us happy, she said, she would gift us a little Christmas present. I thought she was kidding, but that is really true. Me, Vina, and Agustina got the present. The present is simple, but the meaning is so essential and come from her deepest heart. I really miss her and thankful for the present also extra attention for us. I love you Nda. So LOVE you

Here there are, i show you the first present

And here the second present i've got

Big thanks and HUG to Nda



Sam Pek Eng Tai

Yeiii, i can wait for tomorrow. I would be crew of Sam Pek Eng Tai drama at Taman Ismail Marjuki. It will go on 2 days from 5 January-6 January 2010. The Drama is an classic literature which is full of moral. This drama is cooperation Economic Faculty Atma Jaya University with Teater Koma. The artist from our university student who is my friends. It start from 7 pm till` 10pm.

I really excited with this drama and i would be meet a new friends. Also i will get a new experience.

I am not alone become a crew at Sam Pek Eng Tai drama, but i am with Yulia, Ingrid, Bimo and Andri, and with all economic student which is selected.

By the way, anyone interest to with this drama? It is our first time as economic student held this event, so don't miss it :)

Picture will coming soon. See you


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