Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010

2009 is going to end, we just count not 24hours anymore, it just less than. Many incident happened, baby born, people die, couple break, new couple, etc. Clock tiktok faster like it was yesterday. Hopefully next year will better and we step and get shelter with God.

BTW, i have many hope in 2010. so, i write the resolution in 2010. I hope i would make it done.

Here it is



I am waiting for you

New York, I love You

Paris Je't aime

Coco Avant Chanel


Gorgeous You

From 23-27 December, me and my family went to Yogyakarta, a traditional town in central java, which is have a lot gorgeous things there disappear or undisappear. It was my second time, i visited Yogya. And i love to visit and visit again. The people, the city, the tradition make me always miss this town.



I cannot stop eating, like there is hashish

Do ever feel cannot stop eating some food, until you waste your money to buy, buy and buy anymore?
I fell it with famous amous cookies

I don't know what inggredients and mix, which is make me addicted with. The chocolate maybe, or the macademia nuts, or there is hashish inside the cookie (*it is just parable) The cookie mix is smooth and melt in your mouth. The smell is smell good and i can feel that hand's creature and home made meal. I do love this cookie, ever and ever



Desca's bday party

Yesterday was Desca bday, she invited me, titik, eci, febbie, vincent, fenny, and many high school friends to celebrate her party at Spageddies Senayan city.

Desca's blowed the little cake (sorry for too little birthday cake)

I felt like little reunion with my high school friends. It reminds me about high school moment, which is never be repeat any more, i miss you friend, and i love the moment yesterday.



Shy Princess

Do you know Shy Prince? It is coarse grass which is will close their leaf if you touch it. It is make me remember with my lovely-childhood-activity. I like to play with those plants. It is unique and cute.

I found it in the field, near by my dad's project home in Senayan Residence. I did nothing when waiting my dad survey the project, so go around and i played with shy prince plant. Even that was sunny day. I don't care with it, the shy princess made me cannot stop play with them.



Mother Daughter Time

Today, i was dropped my dad at office then had my mother-daughter time :) I went to Central Park, new shopping mall in Jakarta. We are so confusing with the direction, because this is our first time to went there. We were looking the mall. The mall is x'tra big and the design is modern, delight. I think the design is combining from Senayan City and Emporium Pluit.

The lunch is come so we find a restaurant, and we choose Red Bean, the Chinese restaurant. We ate 'til full but we weren't finish ate then we were continue with finding dessert for us. And we found chewy puff, our favorite puff. We bought 1 dozen and we eat the puff not more than 10 minutes, the puff was gone.

Then we go back home. I really love this weekend and i love my mom and sister.

This is some moment, i was shared with them :P




Ini blog baru dari myopiasco.blogspot.com
karena emang ada kesalahan teknis jadi sekarang uda nga bisa dibuka dan digantilah dengan blog ini :)


Oh my God is December

Ohh my God, uda desember aja yahh :) nga nyangka bok, waktu tuh cepet banget yahh. Kayaknya kemaren tuh barusan masuk semester 3 dan sekarang uda UAS aja, uda mau natal aja, uda akan taun baruan lagi, waktu cepet banget deh.

Oyah berhubung UAS, bertepatan juga, bulan ini adalah bulannya ujian. Ohh sebelnyaa!! kenapa si nga liburan aja, uda ngak dapet banget nih feelnya buat ujian. UAS dimulai dari tanggal 9 desember sampai 23 desember.

Hari ini adalah hari pertama ujian. Ujiannya itu Akbi (Akutansi Biadab) dan MO (Manajemen Operasi). Sebel sekaligus lega akhirnya ngak akan ketemu sama mata kuliah itu lagi, AMINN :) Soalnya nggak kepengen sama sekali buat ngulang, tapi kayaknya bakal ngulang deh soalnya tadi itu ngecap alias ngarang bebas dan cuma buat tabel *ngak tau deh tuh isinya bener salah, ahh what ever

DOAKAN yah, masi ada banyak hari untuk berjuang nih :)

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