Mother Daughter Time

Today, i was dropped my dad at office then had my mother-daughter time :) I went to Central Park, new shopping mall in Jakarta. We are so confusing with the direction, because this is our first time to went there. We were looking the mall. The mall is x'tra big and the design is modern, delight. I think the design is combining from Senayan City and Emporium Pluit.

The lunch is come so we find a restaurant, and we choose Red Bean, the Chinese restaurant. We ate 'til full but we weren't finish ate then we were continue with finding dessert for us. And we found chewy puff, our favorite puff. We bought 1 dozen and we eat the puff not more than 10 minutes, the puff was gone.

Then we go back home. I really love this weekend and i love my mom and sister.

This is some moment, i was shared with them :P


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Gogo Caroselle mengatakan...

you do look like you have fun dear! :))

Vina Sagita mengatakan...

ya ampun nez, chewy juniornya satu orang makan 4? padahal sebelomnya makan red bean. dasyat. haha

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